bet365 Tennis Accumulator Bonus

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Now it is truly lucrative to place your pre-match accumulator bet, with a chance of earning up to 50% more on it!

Bet365 has a fantastic offer for you, as a tennis aficionado and bettor! It will prove thrillingly lucrative, when you place your accumulator bet. Earn more, as you place your bets on prime tennis events.Just learn about the conditions you must observe, and go on to place your accumulator bet. The new bonus is just unmissable!

Now pay attention to what winnings will be eligible for the bonus. To avail yourself of it, you must get winnings on certain pre match accumulators. You must have minimum two selections on the following in any event within the Grand Slam, the Association of Tennis Professionals, the Women's Tennis Association, or the Challenger Tour. The selections must be on the following: the To Win Match, the First Set Winner, and the Set Betting, and they can be for singles and for doubles. Additionally, to grab the bonus, you can also place your pre match accumulators on singles and doubles events in the following: the Fed Cup, the Davis Cup, and the Hopman Cup.

Just imagine the top amount that can join your account: £100,000 is highly motivating, to put it mildly!

What about cases in which you cash out or partially cash out?

Just keep in mind that in the event that you cash out your stake in full, the bonus will not be applicable. But if you cash out part of your stake, then the bonus will be calculated on the basis of the remainder of your stake.

What about cases in which you use EditBet to edit your stake?

If you use Editbet for the editing of your qualifying stake, then the bonus amount will be calculated on the basis of the new stake formed. Yet notice the following in the event of which the bonus will cease to be applicable: that will happen if you edit your stake with the aim of including or altering a selection which is in-play.

What about cases in which you postpone one selection?

If you postpone a selection in your bet, then the bonus amount will be based on the actual number of the winning selections, without the postponed one.

What about combination bets?

If you make combination bets with bonuses, like the Lucky 15 or the Lucky 31, this Bet365 bonus offer will not be applicable.

How will the percentage of the bonus grow with this bonus offer?

If you are successful in your betting, and you become eligible for the new bonus offer on pre-match accumulator bets, then, depending on the type of your bet, the bonus will be added as a specific percentage. It will gradually grow, starting from double bets which will win a 5% bonus, then treble bets which will benefit from a 7.5% bonus, and so on. For an 8 fold bet, you will be eligible for a 30% bonus, for a 9 fold bet, the percentage will grow to 35%, for a 10 fold bet you will win a bonus of 40%, for an 11 fold bet it will grow again and become 45%, and for 12 fold bets and upwards the percentage will be 50%.

When will you receive the bonus?

It will take maximum 24 hours for the bonus amount to join your account, following the playing of your final selection.