2017 FIFA Confederations Cup (17th June to 2nd July)

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2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.svgThe host country

Russia, the host country for the 2017 tournament, was appointed in 2010. In the history of the tournament, which is to be held for the tenth time, that was the first time Russia was chosen as the host for the event. The announcement of the appointment as the host of the Confederations Cup event was made after Russia was appointed as the host of the 2018 World Cup.

Duration, venues and frequency of the Confederations Cup 2017

The FIFA Confederations Cup will start on 17th June and will continue until 2nd July. It is to be held in Russia, in four cities:

  • Saint Petersburg, on Krestosky Stadium
  • Moscow, on Spartak Stadium
  • Kazan, on Kazan Arena
  • Sochi, on Fisht Olympic Stadium

This is the 10th event dedicated to the Confederations Cup, and organised by FIFA as a quadrennial event in football.

The participants

There are eight teams participating in the event:

  • Australia (nicknamed The Socceroos)
  • Cameroon (nicknamed the Lions)
  • Chile (nicknamed La Roja, the Red One)
  • Germany (nicknamed Schwarz und Weiss)
  • Mexico (nicknamed El Tricolor)
  • New Zealand (nicknamed All Whites)
  • Portugal (nicknamed Selecção, Selection)
  • Russia (nicknamed

The criteria on the basis of which they were appointed are listed below.

The appointment of the teams: how teams became eligible to participate

Of the 8 countries participating in the tournament, Russia won the right to participate by dint of its hosting. The champion in the last World Cup event, Germany, was entitled to participation as the winner in that last, 2014 event.

The other six teams are the winners in the FIFA confederation championships held in each continent: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America. The championships are as follows:

  • for Africa: the Africa Cup of Nations; the participating team in this event is the team of Cameroon which defeated Egypt 2-1 in February this year.
  • for Asia: the Asian Cup; the participating team in the 2017 event is the team of Australia which won over Korea 2-1 in January 2015
  • for Europe: the European Championship; the participating team in the 2017 event is the team of Portugal which beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2016 final
  • for North America: the CONCACAF Gold Cup; the participating team in the 2017 event is the team of Mexico, beating the 2013 champions USA
  • for Oceania: the Nations Cup; the participating team in the 2017 event is the team of New Zealand which grabbed the cup in Papua New Guinea in June 2016
  • for South America: the Copa America; the participating team in the 2017 event is the team of Chile, the winner in the 2015 Copa, having defeated Argentina 4-1 by penalties.

What makes the event so captivating for football fans

Besides the opportunities to watch breath-taking football matches, fans from all corners of the globe will also gain an idea of what they will be shown at the World Cup event next year, 2018.

During the 16-day period, the teams will compete to win and raise their prominence even further. But also that will present them with the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup events next year.

Mexico: the only former champion in the event

Mexico has participated in 6 of the tournaments held so far. In the 2017 event, it will be the sole participating team which has already been the champion. That happened in 1999, when the Mexican team defeated Brazil 4-3.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Portuguese team

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Portugal's team, is outstanding with his award by FIFA: the Best Men's Player, which, as FIFA underscored, is the highest individual award to be awarded in men's football worldwide.

Each team' preliminary list and final list

Each of the participating countries' teams presents a preliminary list of 30 players. Then the shortlisted version, the final team list, comprises 23 players. Out of these, 3 have to be goalkeepers.

For this year's Confederations Cup event, the final lists were announced on 8 June by FIFA.

The stages of the 2107 Confederations Cup tournament

There are two stages in the tournament:

  • the group stage
  • the knockout stage

The group stage of the tournament

In that stage, each participating team will play its matches in a group of four teams. The number of matches to be played is 3. The winner and the runner-up will pass on to the knockout stage.

The criteria applied to single out the winner and the runner-up comprise:

  • the points won in all the matches played
  • the goal differences
  • the number of the goals that have been scored

Should two or more than two teams get equal rates, fair play points will be awarded to make a difference. These will be deduced for yellow cards and direct and indirect red cards. If necessary, lots will be drawn by the Organizing Committee of FIFA.

The knockout stage of the tournament

The two winners and the two runners- up will play single elimination matches. These will be the semi finals.

In the final match, the two winners in the semi finals will compete for the title. The two losing semi finalists will also compete in a match for the third place.

If by the end of the normal play time the score is a draw, extra time of two periods of 15 minutes will be played. If by the end of the extra time the score is a draw, the winner shall be singled out by means of penalties.

Facilities for fans and fans Ids during the Confederations Cup tournament 2017

Additional trains will run for complimentary services for fans travelling from one host city to another. The documents which will prove passengers are fans will be match tickets or other documents by which access to matches will be granted, plus fan IDs. These IDs will be issued not only for complimentary transportation and access to match venues, but foreign fans will be able to use them multiple times as visa free entry into, and exit from, Russia.