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Using a mobile app on Bet365 Sports will enable you to place your wagers and engage in betting anywhere, hassle free. You can use the app to open the Bet365 mobile site, or download it free for all major OS mobile devices: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows. Bet mobile, bet live, bet pre-match: achieve all of these with ease, on your mobile device, thanks to the app.

Ease of wagering with the app

Easy wagering is a must, and the Bet365 app meets the need for easy placing of bets with perfection. It will not take you more than a couple of taps to complete the wagering.

Live scores and statistics: you will have them at your fingertips with the Bet365 app

Live scores plus statistics are the tools that all punters need, for following the developments of sports events, and also essential tools to use while deciding on their wagers. In this sense, the Bet365 app is invaluable, because you can access live scores and follow statistics with it, on your mobile device, at any time.

The odds on upcoming events are displayed as well

Odds are punters' props for successful wagering, and Bet365 knows that well. The mobile app would not be so efficient and so useful without the displaying of the odds on up and coming events. Check the odds for the event of your choice, and use the information for your betting.

Streaming via the app 

Another must for dedicated punters, live streaming, is another strength of the Bet365 app for sports fans looking for wagering on the go. Following the development of sports events, checking the results, and the scores in real time, will help you keep abreast of what is happening so that you can decide when and how to wager.

The wealth of sports markets you can access via the app

Bet365 has a wide range of sports markets, and that makes it attractive to punters following diverse sports. Via the app, you can access all the sports markets extended on the Bet365 site. While looking through markets and wagering, you will not miss any modicum of the comprehensive palette of sports that you can access on a desktop computer.

Follow and wager on a vast range of sports, tournaments, leagues, there will be all the events available to keep abreast of and bet on. Both major, key sports events and minor ones are listed and information on them is available. You will smoothly and promptly navigate through the list and choose the events you are interested in.

Checking your wagers and your betting history

The Bet365 mobile app is invaluable to provide you with the data on your betting history. You can see how you wagered, to be able to decide on your further wagering activity.

Checking your balance, depositing and withdrawing

Money matters are part and parcel of online sports wagering, they comprise your balance, your depositing and your withdrawing activities. Do all of these with ease, seamlessly, by your bet365 mobile app, on your mobile device.